The Evolving Smart City
Case Study
An IoT Powered Outbound Supply Chain

How do you optimize an $8B global supply chain?

Continuous and real-time visibility of assets, from Ordering to Final Product Delivery.

$2B+ in long-term inventory carrying costs due to inefficient outbound supply chain visibility, decision making, and prediction capabilities.

We transformed Caterpillar’s supply chain & logistics visibility capabilities by upgrading their infrastructure with IoT powered insights. In less than 90 days, Caterpillar had tapped into unparalleled predictive capabilities and real-time data tracking. Within the first twelve months, they could remove up to $1B in outbound supply chain slack.

  • GPS & Cellular location data Collected at an hourly frequency from Calamp TTU-700 devices (attached to shipped assets).
  • EDI-event data Collected at established shipping milestones from global customes infrastructrue.
  • AIS-event data Collected at a four hour frequency based on vessel location pings.
How Will Technology Support the Future of Goods Distribution in Cities?

What you need to know about technology transforming how we deliver goods.

From food to furniture, gifts to gazebos, there’s not much we can’t buy online and have delivered these days.

Better still, it can be at our front door in what feels like a split second. We’ve grown so used to this dizzying speed that we may find ourselves staring aghast at our screens, frustrated if delivery dates exceed 24 hours. Oh, and delivery is usually free.

But is this really sustainable for distributors, online retailers, and the cities struggling with gridlock, road safety, and poor air quality? How can technology transform delivery logistics to become increasingly efficient, adaptable, and eco-friendly?

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