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5 Ways to Toast Your Remote Team This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! For those of you wondering where the time has gone this year, we’re right there with you. Though 2020 has challenged us all in so many ways, there’s still plenty to celebrate. At the very least, we deserve a toast for making it to December with our sanity still (somewhat) intact.

Why a Financial Crisis is the Perfect Time to Invest in Innovation

It’s the New Fiscal Year…Yay? For many companies, this time of year doesn’t exactly inspire popping champagne bottles and dropping confetti. Planning your budget is difficult in normal times — but during a pandemic? It’s a whole different ball game. The uncertainty of today’s world presents an unprecedented challenge for companies preparing budgets for 2021.

Use It or Lose It: 5 Ways to Maximize What’s Left of Your Budget Cycle

As 2020 quickly draws to a close, it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to closing the book on this dumpster fire of a year as soon as possible. But wait! There’s one thing you can’t forget about this time of year — your budget! There’s still time to balance those books before the year comes to an end.

Elevating the Hidden, Critical Behaviors of Effective Product Managers

Despite the growing importance of the product manager role within modern, technology-enabled organizations, many senior leaders are unsure which skills and capabilities create effective product leaders. Focusing on three behaviors can elevate your product practice.

Beyond the Firewall: Mitigating Security Risks During COVID-19

Pre-COVID, enterprises would create a “security perimeter” around the network in their offices, such as a firewall and smart switches and network elements to control the environment. Now, we’re in the midst of the most massive security shift since the dawn of the internet. Companies must face the security realities of remote work—and do it fast. 

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