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The Real Strategy Behind a Winning Digital Transformation

Taking stock after a year of reactive digitization — getting back to business-led transformations

Button Ambiguity: Alignment & Order

At Theorem, we have found that we run into the same small, derailing conversations from project-to-project. These conversations can be difficult to navigate if they involve subjectivity. One example would be buttons. Specifically, button alignment and sort order.

Human Connection: Our Digital Lives Are Abrupt But we Don’t Have to be

On the one hand, we are more universally connected than we have ever been. The internet allows us to “hang out” with our buddies anytime, anywhere, no matter where they (or we) are in the world. On the other hand, we have lost sight of the meaning of the wordless mannerisms, non-pixelated facial expressions, body language, and gestures that come with true in-person contact.

Lessons Learned from the Culture Fit Fallout

There’s a culture fit “fallout” happening within the tech industry. And considering the core of workplace culture itself has been upended by the pandemic, all functions within most organizations — particularly recruitment and hiring — are in a state of crisis-driven transformation. The underlying source of conflict can be summed up quite simply: “Hiring for cultural fit, when done well, can boost retention and productivity. But most organizations do it badly.”

The Truth About “Best Of” IT Vendor Lists

Searching for the right innovation partner is a challenge. Don’t fall for the “pay-to-play” business review lists. We uncover the truth behind companies like Gartner and Forrester and share a better way to find a software developer that meets your needs.

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