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Design Thinking: Keep a Clear Mind While Everyone Else Loses Theirs

Values have shifted during COVID-19. As incomes flounder and life moves online, essential goods, saving money, and staying safe are uppermost in people’s minds.

And when availability is scarce, they’re trying new brands and challenging long-held loyalties. Companies must innovate like never before just to survive. But when your only constant is uncertainty, how do you move forward with confidence? Intuition will only get you so far-design thinking will get you solutions.

Digital leadership under pressure: How COVID-19 is redefining your role

The pace and severity of change have caught everyone off-guard-even agile organizations, which thrive amidst chaos. Economic volatility is high. The future is uncertain.

Crisis-driven Change: How to Prepare Your Team for Remote Work, Fast.

With new cases of coronavirus being confirmed daily, are you ready to go 100% remote overnight?

As major corporations clamp down on travel and ask employees to work from home to slow the spread of the disease, remote working is having a moment.

Delivering Mobility as a Service (MaaS) After COVID-19

During COVID-19, the transportation industry is taking a beating. Commercial fleets are grounded. New York City alone saw a 900% drop in passengers on its subway and commuter rail lines.

Redesigning Virtual Products in the Wake of COVID-19

Using product principles, communication, and flexibility, Theorem teams adapt to a new (remote) world. At Theorem, continuous learning has always been a key component of who we are…

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