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Beyond the Firewall: Mitigating Security Risks During COVID-19

Pre-COVID, enterprises would create a “security perimeter” around the network in their offices, such as a firewall and smart switches and network elements to control the environment. Now, we’re in the midst of the most massive security shift since the dawn of the internet. Companies must face the security realities of remote work—and do it fast. 

Redesigning Virtual Products in the Wake of COVID-19

Using product principles, communication, and flexibility, Theorem teams adapt to a new (remote) world. At Theorem, continuous learning has always been a key component of who we are…

The ‘F’ Word: Harnessing Tech to Make Team Bonding Fun

The idea that fun should be on our minds during COVID-19 may seem distasteful in light of recent events.

How Tech is Transforming Healthcare During COVID-19

Faced with new demands posed by patients in lockdown, tech has stepped up in the battle against COVID-19.

Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Big Data

Whether you’re a small business or a commercial enterprise looking to scale, no company can ignore