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Beyond the Firewall: Mitigating Security Risks During COVID-19

Pre-COVID, enterprises would create a “security perimeter” around the network in their offices, such as a firewall and smart switches and network elements to control the environment. Now, we’re in the midst of the most massive security shift since the dawn of the internet. Companies must face the security realities of remote work—and do it fast. 

The Coronavirus is a Cybersecurity Risk. Here’s how to Plan for the Worst.

No More Excuses—Create an Incident Response Plan With the exponential growth of cyberattacks, the question is not if a breach will occur, but when. Every organization now needs a plan that addresses the cyber threats lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opening. With COVID-19 throwing enterprise systems into chaos, organizations have detected 445 million […]

Understanding the Evolving Culture of Cybersecurity: Are You Ready for an Attack?

Cybersecurity cases in the post-COVID world are spiking, especially since people are working from home. Our society is more vulnerable than ever before because we are more digitally connected than ever before. It’s critical to understand the latest security threats in order to implement solutions that mitigate risks.  

Think You’re Secure Because You’re a Tech Company? Think Again.

It’s no wonder tech companies — who deal in software, data storage, and computer services — are prime targets. Even the very innovations tech companies have adopted to make operations easier have heightened the risk of cyberattacks. With the increasing distribution of employees, apps like Slack, Google Drive, and OneDrive make file sharing and collaboration easy in a remote environment. But they also present scary security risks.