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Nicole Gill: Fostering Radical Candor

Nicole Gill takes an alternative approach to finding success in people-building through listening, leveraging curiosity, and candor. Nicole Gill always liked psychology and the process of analyzing human behavior. “I always had a passion for it. I enjoy learning about people, behavior, and the way the brain works” says Nicole. Now she’s focused on employee […]

Lucia Bustamante: Designing a Better Future for Women in Tech

When Lucia Bustamante isn’t designing digital products, she’s empowering women in tech. Lucia Bustamante’s curiosity and creativity sparked at a young age. Growing up in Montevideo, Uruguay, Lucia tinkered with technology and learned how things were built. She eventually discovered her path in product design—tapping into her talent for problem-solving. “Design is never perfect, because […]

Will Jessup: A tech entrepreneur who refuses to play in “easy mode”

Learn how Will Jessup’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of innovation led to the birth of Theorem. Picture this: A group of programmers in their mid-20s, drawing up ideas on a whiteboard and eating pizza in a Southern California home filled with IKEA furniture. Like many leading tech companies, these were the early days of Theorem. […]

Alison Dean: A Renaissance Woman in Tech

Alison Dean is no stranger to interviews. From talking with company leaders about a potential partnership or quizzing celebrities for her gig as a host on AfterBuzz TV, Alison has always been interested in people. At the heart of this love is a fascination with hearing new perspectives and learning about what others are passionate […]

Bal Sieber Takes the Road Less Traveled

Bal Sieber leads a life most people dream about. Just check out his Instagram account, You’ll see countless photos of him standing in front of beautiful beaches, lush jungles, and roaring waterfalls. As a digital nomad, Bal is a location-independent, fully remote worker — perpetually traveling, sacrificing the comforts of a traditional “home” for […]