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5 Ways to Toast Your Remote Team This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! For those of you wondering where the time has gone this year, we’re right there with you. Though 2020 has challenged us all in so many ways, there’s still plenty to celebrate. At the very least, we deserve a toast for making it to December with our sanity still (somewhat) intact.

Why a Financial Crisis is the Perfect Time to Invest in Innovation

It’s the New Fiscal Year…Yay? For many companies, this time of year doesn’t exactly inspire popping champagne bottles and dropping confetti. Planning your budget is difficult in normal times — but during a pandemic? It’s a whole different ball game. The uncertainty of today’s world presents an unprecedented challenge for companies preparing budgets for 2021.

Use It or Lose It: 5 Ways to Maximize What’s Left of Your Budget Cycle

As 2020 quickly draws to a close, it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to closing the book on this dumpster fire of a year as soon as possible. But wait! There’s one thing you can’t forget about this time of year — your budget! There’s still time to balance those books before the year comes to an end.

Elevating the Hidden, Critical Behaviors of Effective Product Managers

Despite the growing importance of the product manager role within modern, technology-enabled organizations, many senior leaders are unsure which skills and capabilities create effective product leaders. Focusing on three behaviors can elevate your product practice.

Alison Dean: A Renaissance Woman in Tech

Alison Dean is no stranger to interviews. From talking with company leaders about a potential partnership or quizzing celebrities for her gig as a host on AfterBuzz TV, Alison has always been interested in people. At the heart of this love is a fascination with hearing new perspectives and learning about what others are passionate […]

Secrets of Unstoppable Business Leaders

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world like no crisis in recent history. How are business leaders responding to such sudden, sweeping change? What lessons have they learned about leadership in crisis? In Unstoppable: A 2020 Leadership Trends Report, four business and technology leaders share their experiences and insights about leadership in tough times.

The Coronavirus is a Cybersecurity Risk. Here’s how to Plan for the Worst.

No More Excuses—Create an Incident Response Plan With the exponential growth of cyberattacks, the question is not if a breach will occur, but when. Every organization now needs a plan that addresses the cyber threats lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opening. With COVID-19 throwing enterprise systems into chaos, organizations have detected 445 million […]

What Does Air Traffic Control, a Pandemic, and Technology Have in Common?

COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented disruption in the economy resulting in drastic changes to business strategies, especially within the apparel retail industry. We now need to refocus our attention to accommodate new requirements like social distancing. We all know that change is inevitable and this pandemic has introduced another component: the rate at which change is required. 

Design Thinking: Keep a Clear Mind While Everyone Else Loses Theirs

Values have shifted during COVID-19. As incomes flounder and life moves online, essential goods, saving money, and staying safe are uppermost in people’s minds.

And when availability is scarce, they’re trying new brands and challenging long-held loyalties. Companies must innovate like never before just to survive. But when your only constant is uncertainty, how do you move forward with confidence? Intuition will only get you so far-design thinking will get you solutions.

Digital leadership under pressure: How COVID-19 is redefining your role

The pace and severity of change have caught everyone off-guard-even agile organizations, which thrive amidst chaos. Economic volatility is high. The future is uncertain.