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How Government Services Can Benefit from Design Thinking

Does finding the correct way to apply for resources have to be a constant battle?

Top 5 Custom Software Development Trends for 2021

How software development will shape our brave new world.

Satellites: Essential for Self-Driving Safety

New satellite and mapping technologies that are accurate to within a centimeter are among the final hurdles to autonomous driving.

Button Ambiguity: Alignment & Order

At Theorem, we have found that we run into the same small, derailing conversations from project-to-project. These conversations can be difficult to navigate if they involve subjectivity. One example would be buttons. Specifically, button alignment and sort order.

Imagining Digital Vaccine Passports: Part I

Now that two approved COVID-19 vaccines are being administered to US citizens, with even more approved globally and in the pipeline, we can finally begin to address the practical implications of vaccine management and verification.

Will Jessup: A tech entrepreneur who refuses to play in “easy mode”

Learn how Will Jessup’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of innovation led to the birth of Theorem. Picture this: A group of programmers in their mid-20s, drawing up ideas on a whiteboard and eating pizza in a Southern California home filled with IKEA furniture. Like many leading tech companies, these were the early days of Theorem. […]

Scrappy Startup to Global Tech Company: Theorem’s Origin Story

Theorem has evolved from a scrappy startup to a global team of more than 170 of the world’s most innovative strategists, developers, and engineers. Learn about founder Will Jessup’s journey to create a company that invests in its people, its customers, and its products.

Design Thinking: Keep a Clear Mind While Everyone Else Loses Theirs

Values have shifted during COVID-19. As incomes flounder and life moves online, essential goods, saving money, and staying safe are uppermost in people’s minds.

And when availability is scarce, they’re trying new brands and challenging long-held loyalties. Companies must innovate like never before just to survive. But when your only constant is uncertainty, how do you move forward with confidence? Intuition will only get you so far-design thinking will get you solutions.

How Design Thinking Helps Companies Navigate Uncertainty

The larger an enterprise gets, the harder it is to innovate with the speed of a startup. Design transformation holds the answers to creativity at scale. Through deceptively simple exercises, design thinking can change the way your company operates — helping you uncover thousands of untapped ideas from the minds already within your organization. It […]

An Executive’s Guide to UX Research

Build winning software with user feedback. Actionable research proven to save you time and money, validate business ideas, create your customer-centric strategy and unify your team with a mission.