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Reconsidering “Culture Fit:” A Theorem Case Study

Critics of hiring for “culture fit” are loud and many. Are they right? Theorem’s head of talent acquisition explains how we confront the problematic connotations of the term.

Denny Vadakkan: No tech problem is too big to intimidate this innovator

Denny Vadakkan’s primary focus as Theorem’s vice president of client relations is finding just the right solutions to unlock productivity and profit for our clients’ thorniest technology challenges.   Organizations’ problems are always complex, especially when it comes to government services or entrenched legacy systems at a long-standing company. It takes a particular type of person […]

Human Connection: Our Digital Lives Are Abrupt But we Don’t Have to be

On the one hand, we are more universally connected than we have ever been. The internet allows us to “hang out” with our buddies anytime, anywhere, no matter where they (or we) are in the world. On the other hand, we have lost sight of the meaning of the wordless mannerisms, non-pixelated facial expressions, body language, and gestures that come with true in-person contact.

Scrappy Startup to Global Tech Company: Theorem’s Origin Story

Theorem has evolved from a scrappy startup to a global team of more than 170 of the world’s most innovative strategists, developers, and engineers. Learn about founder Will Jessup’s journey to create a company that invests in its people, its customers, and its products.

Elevating the Hidden, Critical Behaviors of Effective Product Managers

Despite the growing importance of the product manager role within modern, technology-enabled organizations, many senior leaders are unsure which skills and capabilities create effective product leaders. Focusing on three behaviors can elevate your product practice.

Design Thinking: Keep a Clear Mind While Everyone Else Loses Theirs

Values have shifted during COVID-19. As incomes flounder and life moves online, essential goods, saving money, and staying safe are uppermost in people’s minds.

And when availability is scarce, they’re trying new brands and challenging long-held loyalties. Companies must innovate like never before just to survive. But when your only constant is uncertainty, how do you move forward with confidence? Intuition will only get you so far-design thinking will get you solutions.

Digital leadership under pressure: How COVID-19 is redefining your role

The pace and severity of change have caught everyone off-guard-even agile organizations, which thrive amidst chaos. Economic volatility is high. The future is uncertain.

Crisis-driven Change: How to Prepare Your Team for Remote Work, Fast.

With new cases of coronavirus being confirmed daily, are you ready to go 100% remote overnight?

As major corporations clamp down on travel and ask employees to work from home to slow the spread of the disease, remote working is having a moment.

The ‘F’ Word: Harnessing Tech to Make Team Bonding Fun

The idea that fun should be on our minds during COVID-19 may seem distasteful in light of recent events.

Fostering Community Amongst Remote Teams in a Crisis

Leading remote teams during a crisis presents unique challenges for staying connected and productive.