Alison Dean is no stranger to interviews.

From talking with company leaders about a potential partnership or quizzing celebrities for her gig as a host on AfterBuzz TV, Alison has always been interested in people. At the heart of this love is a fascination with hearing new perspectives and learning about what others are passionate about.

Listening and networking are two of Alison’s many superpowers. And no, we’re not talking about passing out a few business cards at a corporate happy hour or sending LinkedIn requests here and there. For Alison, it’s all about making connections that pull her in new directions. 

“The best thing you can do is just be true to who you are and the things that are interesting to you,” says Alison. “Generally, people are not saying ‘How can I help you?’ So if you see an opening to lean on someone to help you get somewhere else, then do it.”

This passion for people has landed Alison just about every job she’s ever had.

And she’s had some pretty awesome gigs. What other person in tech do you know whose resume includes working at a theme park engineering company, a guitar and bass pickup company, and Disney Imagineering?

Producing is where Alison shines. Many of the projects she’s had a hand in over the years have connected her with people all over the world. Some of her highlights include launching a special edition collection for PERVERSE sunglasses at Coachella, producing major domestic and international entertainment events (including leading music trade show NAMM), and helping bring ride concepts and modifications to life for Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion and Universal Studios’ Mummy Ride.

With many years in the entertainment tech industry under her belt, Alison is naturally cognizant of being a woman in a male-dominated field. But her strong work ethic and experience with equitable leaders gives her a positive outlook on the gender divide. Now, Alison works to help other women replicate her successful approach. 

Her advice for women in tech: 

  • If a job prospect interests you, find people to help make it a reality!
  • It’s important to speak your mind, but equally important to be an active listener.
  • Find ways to optimize by delegating everywhere you can.
  • If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

As a member of groups like The Los Angeles Giving Circle, the XX Project, and The Women’s Leadership Council, Alison supports pathways for women throughout the greater Los Angeles community to get involved in STEM and leadership opportunities. Did we mention she does all this, plus her day job, and has a new baby? Total superwoman vibes.

Alison’s used to wearing lots of hats and shifting gears quickly. It’s a skill that’s lent itself well to her role as Vice President of Operations at Theorem. While she may not be passing robots in the hallway or peeking behind the curtain of America’s most beloved theme parks anymore, her work at Theorem feels even more exciting.

“When you’re at a smaller company, like Theorem, you can make things happen at a faster pace. You always have the opportunity to make things better here,” says Alison. “You really get to see the end result of your labor — to see people interacting with and getting joy out of something you created.” She’s especially fond of her work bringing the Theorem team together in Italy and then Switzerland for their annual retreats.

Though plans have changed thanks to the pandemic, Alison and her fellow Theorists are still finding creative ways to connect with each other and with their clients. Theorem helps companies navigate through it all — especially when it comes to budgeting for an uncertain future. 

If you’re seeking insights on investing in tech in the new year, reach out to us at or call 1 (888) 969-2983 to book a complimentary consultation.

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